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  • CHANGE....
  • ...Centre For Youth Development...
  • ...OUR MISSION... The Mission of the Centre for Youth Development is to channelize the energies of Youth towards positive development of society
  • ...BRINGING HELP..BRINGING HOPE... Centre for Youth Development works on issues related primarily to the holistic development of Youth.
  • ...OUR WORK... CYD envisions creating an environment where all young people are valued; their individual ideas are considered and allowed to speak their mind.
  • ...OUR VISION... We seek to do what is right and treat others with honesty, respect and dignity. We aim to encourage positive change in society





                      1. ANTI-DRUG CAMPAIGN
                          (Say NO to Drugs,YES to life)

                      2.CHILD RIGHT
                          (Let's report CHILD ABUSE)

                      3.WOMEN EMPOWERMENT
                          (Equality is the answer)

                      4.YOUTH LEADERSHIP SUMMIT
                          (Highlighting Youth potential)

                      5.KASHMIRI MIGRANTS
                          (Let's WELCOME them back)

                      6.ANTI-CORRUPTION CAMPAIGN
                          (Lets's promote Honesty)

                      7.LONELY Sr CITIZENS
                          (Let's give them time)

                          (Let's Help poor to get Married)

                      9.CYBER CRIME
                          (Let's protect our Youth)

                          (Let's Make Female Foeticide A History)

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