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Centre For Youth Development In Kashmir

Although youth represent the leaders of today and, undoubtedly, of tomorrow, initiatives aimed at their empowerment have failed to integrate a youth perspective. Yet, they are the inheritors of a changing world not only in terms of economic distribution, social positions and cultural identities but also in relation to rebuilding lives and building prospering communities.

Worldwide an estimated 30,000 people under the age of 18 are now, or have recently been, involved in juvenile delinquency. Approximately, 6.6 million young people worldwide are currently displaced by armed conflict. Many of them are exposed to violence, try to survive in acute poverty, and are separated from their families and communities. These young people often face the additional barriers of a lack of sufficient education, health care, protection, livelihood opportunities, recreational activities, friendship, and family support.

In India more than 50% of the population is youth. It is expected to form 75% of our population by 2020. In order to meet the growing demands of youth and reduce the threats that is forcing them to waywardness, social organizations have to come forth and join the hand in nation building.
Youth of this country form an imperishable resource, individually and in combination, and we can powerfully and effectively mobilize them at local, community and national level to transform our societies for the better.

Centre for Youth Development works on issues related primarily to the holistic development of Youth. Our vision is to create an enabling environment for youth to develop as independent individuals by offering various opportunities to excel in the fields of Education, Sports, Leadership, Innovation and Technology. CYD envisions creating an environment where all young people are valued; their individual ideas are considered and allowed to speak their mind.

We look forward to work and learn from others involved in youth empowerment. We intentionally seek to engage collaborators from across political, ideological, cultural and religious differences, believing that active engagement with others is critical for creating a sense of the common good and for working for positive community and social change.

The Mission of the Centre for Youth Development is to channelize the energies of Youth towards positive development of society by pro-actively addressing the educational, economic and social challenges. It also aims to assist Youth in reaching their full potential as well-adjusted individuals by delivering a range of services. In its pursuit to help youth build careers and form respectable societies, CYD is coming forth with an idea to involve youth in the process of empowerment and emancipation.

We seek to do what is right and treat others with honesty, respect and dignity. We aim to encourage positive change in society, politics and education for the overall development and tend to keep pace with the rapidly developing world. We aim to develop a force for the better future.

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