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Centre for Youth Development (CYD), a social organization that works to eradicate socialevils, Friday organized Youm-e-Haya at Ahdoos Hotel, Srinagar in their bid to educate people about moral values in the society. Various civil society members participated in the event. The speakers expressed their concern over the ever increasing moral waywardness which has led to various crimes in Srinagar and adjoining areas. They impressed upon the teachers, parents and various stake-holders to make sure moral education is imparted to the young generation so that they are kept away from these evils.

“We want people, younger generation in specific, to get aware about the ever growing social evils in society. Moral waywardness and eve-teasing, the things Kashmiris had never heard in the past, have become order of the day. It is affecting the youngsters and society in whole, with the result crimes have increased over the last decade,” said Imtiyaz Chesti, chairman CYD, while addressing the gathering.

He reiterated his commitment to do his bit in curbing the moral waywardness in the society. Chesti said parents and teachers have a big role to play in curbing the menace.

“I urge teachers and parents to inculcate moral values among the younger generation. They need to introspect what has led to the youngsters shying away from social values,” he said.


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Imtiyaz R. Chasti Chairman CYD.

Date: 14-02-2014

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